Clock Tower was lit up for World Hepatitis Awareness Day

The Clock Tower at Wakefield Town Hall was lit up in purple (Tuesday 28 July), in support of World Hepatitis Awareness Day.

Wakefield Council is amongst a number of public sector organisations that are lighting up a building or a local landmark to help raise awareness of the disease.

Faith Heptinstall smiling
Cllr Faith Heptinstall

It is estimated that 143,000 people in the UK are living with hepatitis C, a blood-borne virus which can cause serious and even fatal damage to the liver if left untreated, among other health impacts. New treatments can cure 95 percent of cases, but two thirds of people affected are undiagnosed.

Cllr Faith Heptinstall, Cabinet Member for Adults, Health and Wellbeing at Wakefield Council, said: “It is important that there is greater awareness of the hepatitis C, so that people know more about the risk factors and if they think they may have been exposed to the virus to get tested, so to receive any treatment that’s needed. We’re pleased to support the campaign.”

The most common route of transmission for hepatitis C is through sharing equipment for injecting drugs. Other risk factors include receiving medical and dental care in countries with poor sterilisation practices, tattooing in unlicensed premises, sexual activity involving blood-to-blood contact, and having received a blood transfusion or blood products through the NHS prior to 1991.

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