Commissioner endorses children’s services progress


Earlier this year our children’s services received an endorsement from the Government’s Independent Commissioner for the significant progress made to transform the service.

Peter Dwyer CBE was carrying out a six month review in light of a standard Ofsted inspection back in June 2018 which deemed the service to be inadequate.

Since the Commissioner’s visit, further progress has been made with recent figures showing that stress is no longer the overwhelming reason for long-term sickness among social workers in Wakefield.

Progress has also been made in recruitment of new staff to the service, with 40 more people recently joining.

Mr Dwyer stated that our progress was in his view, and ‘the views of experienced others’, ‘at least in line and potentially in advance of that of others’ – given the complexity of the challenges.

His findings, reported back to the Department for Education (DfE), state that we had made significant progress in several key areas to deliver the ongoing transformation of our children’s services.

The review also agrees with us that the focus now needs to be on practice improvement and innovation which we have a clear plan to deliver.

The Commissioner will carry out a further review of our improvement journey in December, looking at the progress made, current projects and plans for the future.