Disability charity looks for new weekday walkers


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Going out for regular walks in beautiful places has made a huge difference to Jacob Chandler’s life.

The 25-year-old gets to visit places he wouldn’t otherwise have been to, since becoming a member of the Open Country group two years ago.

The group with the support of volunteers enables adults with learning disabilities or sensory impairments to reap the benefits of being outside and enjoying walks of up to six miles.

”We visit wonderful places and learn about nature and their history and I like trying something new. The best walks for me are the walks with waterfalls and the peaceful, quiet places,” Jacob said.

“You always feel supported and safe. There is transport on a bus so we often go for long trips that I wouldn’t ordinarily get to do.

“Some people come who are blind and as we travel along we describe the countryside to them. We often get options on where we would like to go and sometimes we get to go on weekend holidays.

“It’s good as everyone can join in and have fun in the fresh air with caring, friendly and fun staff.  We can just be ourselves. I definitely recommend it,” he added.

The group has five activity groups in Wakefield including a nature force group, walking group, tandem cycling club, weekend outings group and an adventure club.

Open Country is based at Thornes Park and has spaces for more disabled adults to join this group. Call Ella Dixon on 07426 716677 for more information.

Wakefield Council offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities for people who are interested in becoming involved with different organisations.