Leader calls for greater Government support for glass industry and other industries affected by high energy costs

The Leader of Wakefield Council is supporting the district’s glass manufacturers and other industries by highlighting the pressures they face with a sudden increase in energy costs and is lobbying the Government to help.

Unprecedented increases in energy prices are a major concern for a number of business sectors, with worries about the impact of rises on their margins and profits.

The significant rises in transport costs, raw materials and supplier increases has meant it is simply not viable to pass the costs onto the consumer.  

Cllr Denise Jeffery recently visited Stoelzle Flaconnage  in Knottingley, to listen to and support businesses during these latest challenges, which comes as many industries are recovering from the impact of the global pandemic.

She said: “The glass industry is very important in our district, we know it is a tough trading climate for them and they and other industries are facing additional and unexpected energy rises, which has come at a difficult time and puts them under greater pressure.

“I welcomed the opportunity to visit and hear directly from those affected. I understand and share their concerns and am writing to the Government, calling on them to provide greater support so companies with high energy use get the help they deserve and need, in order to relieve this additional expenditure, so they can continue to thrive and grow.”

The sector faces a number of other pressures including recruitment – for some companies- and Wakefield Council is offering its business expertise to help with access to training and support.