Managing risk assessments in the workplace

Businesses across the district will be guided through the maze of risk assessments in a new series of online training from Wakefield Council.

The monthly webinars, run by the Council’s Here for Business team, will start on Thursday 2 December. They are designed for any businesses wishing to take advantage of advice on how to prepare an effective risk assessment.

The training is particularly relevant as the Government is still considering introducing its Plan B in a bid to combat the spread of COVID-19. This could see a return to working from home and mandatory face coverings.

Hosted by a qualified business compliance consultant, the training will address:

  • The importance of risk assessments
  • The five steps that make up a risk assessment
  • The benefits to business of a risk assessment
  • How to equip your business with the skills to complete effective risk assessments
  • How to access helpful resources for your business
  • Examples of COVID-19 control measures to introduce to your business
  • How to contingency plan for the introduction of Plan B
Darren Byford smiling
Cllr Darren Byford

Businesses taking part in the webinar will receive follow-up support and advice once the training has been completed.

Cllr Darren Byford, Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Economic Growth and Property, said: “Putting together an effective risk assessment is a vital procedure to allow businesses to work within the law. However, we are aware that this can be a headache and time-consuming process for them, so we are equipping businesses with the tools to complete one so they can focus on operating their businesses and growing.”

The webinars will run until the end of March 2022 and are supported by the Welcome Back Fund provided through the European Development Fund and HM Revenue and Customs.

Risk assessments are a requirement under Health and Safety law. Many businesses do not realise, they also need to include a COVID-19 risk assessment to ensure the safety of all employees and customers.

Having this provision in place for COVID-19 is vital for contingency planning especially as businesses also need to “B-Prepared” in the event of the Government’s Plan B being enacted. It is important that businesses know how to manage the workplace safely.

Should Plan B come into place, this may see staff once again working from home. The COVID pass will become a requirement in certain settings and people will be asked again to wear face-coverings with the Government advising on settings where this will be necessary at the time Plan B comes into force.

Any businesses wishing to take advantage of this online training can book by visiting or by contacting