Parks survey launched this month

A new parks survey is being launched by Wakefield Council to ask people to share their views about their local green space.

The aim of the survey, which runs from 24 May to 25 June at is to find out residents’ level of satisfaction with their local parks and to see how parks can be improved for the benefit of the community.

Before Covid-19, residents in the district ranked parks and public open spaces 11th on the list of the top 20 things that the Council should invest in, in 2020.

This year, that has dramatically changed with 62% of residents ranking it as the 5th priority for investment.

The Council has responded by allocating £1.5 million, the largest investment since the Government’s austerity programme started, to enhancing green spaces.

Jack Hemingway smiling
Deputy Cllr Jack Hemingway

Cllr Jack Hemingway, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment, said: “Before the lockdown we all took parks and public open spaces for granted but the coronavirus lockdown changed all that and we now have a greater appreciation for the freedom they give us from everyday life.

“I have listened to what our residents have said – 62% said they wanted us to invest in their local parks this year and we are doing just that, investing the largest amount in recent times.

“We are on course to creating spaces that are central to the health and wellbeing of communities and nature, but we want to hear more from our residents.

“I would urge every park user to participate in this survey. With your input we can make our parks and public open spaces better.”

The Council’s Investment in Parks and Public Open Spaces programme is designed to create spaces that are central to the health and wellbeing of communities and nature.

Programmes to improve mental health and well-being, promote culture, history and heritage, respond to the climate change and biodiversity challenge and inclusive community engagement are being integrated into parks and open spaces.

Cllr Hemingway explains more at:

The survey will be live from 24 May at