Residents reminded of water dangers

Wakefield Council is warning everyone, especially young people and their parents, of the dangers of swimming in open water.

With warm weather forecast to continue, Wakefield Council is urging people to stay out of the water. Swimming in open water is extremely dangerous. Hidden dangers can lurk beneath the surface of ponds, lakes and flooded quarries, such as discarded waste which can trap people, as well as slippery rocks and sudden changes in water depth.

Darren Byford smiling
Cllr Darren Byford

Cllr Darren Byford, Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Economic Growth and Property, said: “I completely understand that everyone wants to enjoy the warm and sunny weather, but, if you think you can cool off in open water, please don’t do it as you are risking your own life and the lives of others. “The water can become dangerously cold when it gets deeper and you never know what’s under the water such as tangles of weeds and rubbish, which raises the risk of drowning or of suffering a severe injury.

“Please don’t take a dip. It cannot be worth putting lives at risk. Keep away from open water and stay safe.”