Statement from Wakefield Council

Cllr Denise Jeffery, Leader of Wakefield Council, has described the Chancellor’s mini-budget as a tax cutting exercise for the rich, that does little to tackle the real issues that residents and businesses in the district are facing.

Today (Friday 23 September), the Chancellor announced the biggest tax cuts in 50 years, and his intention to borrow billions of pounds as part of his growth plan.

Cllr Jeffery said: “We are in favour of growth and as a Council we are here to support residents, local businesses and to create jobs, and we want an economy that is successful for everyone.

“Today’s announcement is hugely disappointing, as it is a tax cut exercise that will benefit the wealthiest people in our country, with little to support ordinary people in our district who are battling every day with the rising cost of living and the pressures this brings to household budgets.

“Many people will be deeply concerned that the rising costs of energy, although capped, will be funded by borrowing. It is working people that will have to fund this borrowing, as the government ensures that energy companies keep their huge profits intact. Borrowing should be for investment and to properly fund our public services.

“In times like this, national Government relies heavily on local councils like ours to help them deliver support to residents. As well as what we do for our residents on a regular basis.

“The Government need to fund us properly so we can do this and do it well for our residents. So, what we want to see from this Government now, is real core funding.

“In our district we need both short-term and long-term support – short term to get people through this winter, and long-term investment in places and services to make good a decade of government neglect and decay.

“We also need to see this government delivering on real ‘levelling up’ for communities, and finally ending a decade of austerity, that has weakened communities and hacked away at the local services that ordinary people rely on

“We will do everything we can to support people in our district with the help- services that we offer.

“We can offer support to those in debt, or struggling to pay rent or Council Tax, as well as support to claim Universal Credit or other benefits you may be entitled to through our More Money in Your Pocket scheme. Find out more at

“Support is also available at our Help at the Hub service. It puts people in touch with a range of organisations such as food banks, access to financial support and Citizens Advice (CAB). It can also help those worried about money, jobs, housing, or health.”