Staying healthy this winter


It is anyone’s guess as to how bad the flu season will be this winter in Wakefield but health authorities are telling us that people should start thinking about getting a flu jab.

It will be available at GP surgeries and pharmacies.

Some people get the vaccine free of cost. These include the elderly, children, and pregnant women, those with a chronic illness as well as certain categories of workers, such as social care workers.

Some businesses have also decided to provide the vaccine free of cost to all staff.

Seasonal influenza is characterised by a sudden onset of fever, cough (usually dry), headache, muscle and joint pain, severe malaise (feeling unwell), sore throat and a runny nose. The cough can be severe and can last two or more weeks.

Most people recover from fever and other symptoms within a week without requiring medical attention. But influenza can cause severe illness or death especially in people at high risk.

Each year, the vaccine may change to combat various flu strains. Specifically which strains is determined by experts from the World Health Organisation.

For everything else, we’ve put together a handy guide of how you and your family can stay well this winter and should you get ill, how it can be treated or who you should contact.

Here’s to a happy and healthy Winter 2019!