Wakefield Council welcomes decision by court to dismiss driver’s appeal

Wakefield Council has welcomed a decision by magistrates to dismiss a taxi driver’s appeal after his licence was taken away.

Sajjad Ali, aged 40, of Ruthven View, Leeds, was told in December 2019 by the Council that his licence to operate as a taxi driver was not being renewed.

He had failed to notify the Council of a conviction for assault and of a driving conviction, with three points on his licence.

He also failed to tell the Council of two further motoring convictions and his lack of transparency was sufficient, under new rules, for the renewal of his licence to be refused.

Mr Ali appealed against the decision at Kirklees Magistrates’ Court on 21 April, but did not appear at the hearing, where his request for an adjournment was rejected. 

Magistrates dismissed the appeal, saying there had been sufficient time for him to provide evidence, but he had not done so.

Magistrates awarded £1,212 of costs to Wakefield Council.

Glynn Humphries, Corporate Director for Communities, Environment and Climate Change, said: “I welcome this decision which makes it very clear that drivers need to be open and transparent when making an application or renewing their licence with us.

“Failing to disclose previous convictions is a breach of our policy which will not be tolerated, and this demonstrates that we are prepared to defend our decisions in Court.”